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Factory Surplus Batteries, Your Destination for Batteries

Find the best battery or power source for whatever application you're looking for. Factory Surplus Batteries has batteries and power solutions for Cars, ATV's, Motorcycles, Boats, Semis, Forklifts, Lawn Mowers, and more. Stop by FSB and we'll get you the best battery for your vehicle, equipment or machinery


Elite Work Horse Lawn & Garden Battery

Lawn & Garden

The name says it all. Our Work Horse batteries are a perfect compliment to your hard working lawn and garden equipment. The Elite Work Horse Battery is ideal for riding mowers and garden tractors as well as powersports and utility vehicles. These maintenance-free, group size U1 batteries pack a punch as they boast up to 350 cold cranking amps and a reserve capacity of up to 50 minutes, making them a perfect all year battery. They also come backed with our 6 month free replacement / 36 month warranty. Give your lawn tractor the battery it deserves: The Work Horse available today at Factory Surplus Batteries.

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Marine (Boats)

Elite Mariner / Starting & Deep Cycle Battery

Whether you are starting, trolling, or lighting your watercraft, our Elite Mariner / Starting & Deep Cycle Batteries are the ideal choice to keep you powered. These Maintenance-free, Lead Acid Batteries are designed to withstand long, slow recharges as well as rigorous deep discharges. With up to 1000 Cold Cranking Amps and 210 Reserve Capacity, these batteries are able to withstand nearly anything you can throw at them. We back them with our 36 month / 12 month free replacement warranty. This rugged battery is the one you can depend on and is available today at Factory Surplus Batteries.


Golf Carts, Off Grid Backups, Light Industrial

Rolls Premium Deep Cycle Battery

Factory Surplus Batteries carries Rolls brand premium deep cycle batteries. Whether you're looking for off-grid battery options or the best deep cycle battery you can buy for your watercraft, golf cart, floor scrubber, or scissor lift, Rolls is a top of the line choice. Factory Surplus Batteries offers the complete line of Rolls Deep Cycle Batteries for both 6 volt and 12 volt applications. For your specific need, stop by a let our expert staff help. All Rolls batteries are backed with a 12 month free replacement warranty.


Golf Carts


Gold Elite Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Our Gold Elite Automotive Batteries are affordable batteries that offer high quality as well as powerful performance. Our Gold Elite Lineup includes most sizes and they all come with an 18 month free replacement / 72 month warranty. Not sure what battery group size your vehicle takes? Come on in and our expert staff will make certain you get the right battery for your vehicle. All prices include a core return.



Platinum Elite Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Our Platinum Elite Automotive Batteries are designed to withstand all temperature extremes while keeping your vehicle reliably cranking with each turn of the key. Our Platinum Elite Lineup includes most sizes and they all come with a 24 month free replacement / 84 month warranty. Let the experts at Factory Surplus Batteries help you purchase the right size battery when you come in...and we'll even install it! All prices include a core return.


Automotive & Off-Road Vehicles

AGM Platinum + Automotive Battery

For the ultimate in battery performance, select an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Automotive Battery. These sealed, non-spillable, maintenance-free, valve regulated batteries are ideal for today's vehicles. They deliver consistent power, durability, and long life even with all of today's smart technology pulling power all the time! Our AGM batteries come with a 24 month free replacement / 84 month warranty. That's right, by the time the warranty runs out on this battery your elementary child will be college-bound! And if you are the more adventurous type, this battery is specially designed to withstand even the most aggressive of off-road adventures. Come check out our AGM lineup today. All prices include a core return.


Buses, Heavy Industrial Machinery, Back-up Systems, Semis

Elite Work Horse Commercial Battery

Heavy Equipment requires a Heavy Duty Battery and our Elite Work Horse Commercial Lineup certainly fits the bill! Specially designed for providing power to Trucks, AG Equipment, Buses, Heavy Machinery as well as Back-up systems, the Elite Work Horse Commercial Battery is built to last. These powerhouses come with our 36 month / 12 month free replacement warranty providing you some peace of mind that you will have reliable power start after start after start.

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Golf Carts, Wheelchairs, Light Industrial, Back-up Systems 

Elite Work Horse Deep Cycle Battery

Golf Carts, Scissor Lifts, Wheelchairs, Floor Scrubbers, Backup Systems, and so much more! When you need the power and reliability that only a deep cycle battery can provide, our Elite Work Horse Deep Cycle Battery Line has you covered! Backed with our 36 month / 12 month free replacement warranty, these beasts pack some serious power and are chomping at the bit to give you the power you can rely on day after day!


Motorcycles & Recreational Vehicles

Elite Freedom Motorcycle / Recreational Battery

The feel of the wind in your face as you hit the open road. Your heart racing as you explore an off-road trail. There's nothing like it! And we are here to make certain that, whether you're hitting the road on your motorcycle, exploring on your ATV, or just having some off road fun, your vehicle will start time and time again. The Elite Freedom LIne of batteries will do just that. These sealed lead acid/AGM batteries are spill-proof, maintenance-free, and pack a ton of power in a little package.

pic 6.jpg
e3 battery

eGreen Battery


At Factory Surplus Batteries, we are constantly striving to find ways to help the environment. To that end, we have created the e3 Green Battery! So, what exactly does “e3” mean? Simple! energy, economy, environment.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of automotive and commercial batteries are discarded prematurely. These batteries either end up creating pollution in landfills or wasting unnecessary energy being recycled for their raw materials prematurely. With our e3 Green Battery we have found a way to give those batteries a second life. We view this as, not only a partnership with our customers, but also with Mother Nature!
Our e3 Green Battery will generally last for 3-5 years, comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty, and pricing starts at $75. This is a great low-cost alternative to a new battery.  Ask us about our e3 Green Battery today!




Get batteries of any kind from Factory Surplus Batteries in Butler, Wisconsin. We have car batteries, portable chargers, recycled batteries, drill batteries and tons more. Come into the store to get everything you need!

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