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Recycle All Your Batteries With Us!

We want your old batteries! For more than 20 years we’ve been helping people just like you give back to the environment by recycling their old batteries. No matter the size, type, or condition, we will take your old batteries and either recycle or recondition them. We will take anything from the largest industrial batteries to the tiniest hearing aid batteries, and we will even pay you for old automotive batteries! Drop off your batteries today and don’t forget to ask us about our e-bin recycling program!


Our E-bin Recycling Program

In an effort to make the recycling of your old batteries and electronics easier, we’ve worked with a local recycling company to create the e-bin program.
This is ideal for your home or office use. The process is simple. You purchase the universal waste approved bin from us (we include a pre-paid shipping return label and a universal waste label). You then begin placing all your old batteries and electronics (such as old cell phones, handheld gaming systems, etc) into the bin.
Once your bin is full, you snap the lid tight on top of the bin, place the pre-addressed / pre-paid shipping label on it (don’t forget to include your information in the FROM space on this label) and send it directly to our local recycler who will then sort it and dispose of your e-waste and spent batteries in an environmentally safe manner. Ask for details!




Get batteries of any kind from Factory Surplus Batteries in Butler, Wisconsin. We have car batteries, portable chargers, recycled batteries, drill batteries and tons more. Come into the store to get everything you need!

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