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At Factory Surplus Batteries, we are constantly striving to find ways to help the environment. In collaborating with our sister company, Elite Energy Distribution (an environmentally conscious recycler right here in Milwaukee), we have created the e3 Green Battery! So what exactly does “e3” mean? Simple! energy, economy, environment. Every year, hundreds of thousands of automotive and commercial batteries are discarded prematurely. These batteries either end up creating pollution in landfills or wasting unnecessary energy being recycled for their raw materials prematurely. With our e3 Green Battery, we have found a way to give those batteries a second life. We view this as, not only a partnership with our customers, but also with Mother Nature! Our e3 Green Battery will generally last for 3-5 years, comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty, and only costs $65! This is a great low-cost alternative to a new battery and is ideal if you are planning to keep your car for just 1-3 years or simply if money is tight for you at the moment. Ask us about our e3 Green Battery today!

e3 Green Battery

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